Why many men fear beautiful women

And how you can act confident toward them.

Fooled by appearance

The sales director of the Flemington Nissan dealership is a man named Bob Golomb. Golomb is in his fifties, with short, thinning black hair and wire-rimmed glasses.

Since starting in the car business more than a decade ago, Golomb has sold, on average, about twenty cars a month, which is more than double what the average car salesman sells.

On his desk, Golomb has a row of five gold stars, given to him by his dealership in honor of his performance. In the world of car salesmen, Golomb is a virtuoso.

Golomb follows a very simple rule that brings him to success. He tries never to judge anyone on the basis of his or her appearance. He assumes that everyone who walks in the door has the exact same chance of buying a car.

“Prejudging is the kiss of death. You have to give everyone your best shot”, he said with utter conviction.

Inexperienced salespersons look at a customer and says “This person looks like he can’t afford a car”. For instant, they see a teenager and they blow him off. Well, then later that night, the teenager comes back with mom and dad. They pick up a car, and it’s the other salesperson that writes them up.

Sometimes a farmer with his dirty clothes is actually an enormously rich man with a four-thousand-acre spread.

Sometimes a small, unattractive blonde makes the car decisions for her whole family.

Sometimes a white man with the handsome face and broad shoulders and lantern jaw actually doesn’t have much money to spend on a car.

Those green salesmen somehow let the first impression they have about a person’s appearance drown out every other piece of information they manage to gather. So they let money slip through their fingers.

Golomb, by contrast, is aware of how dangerous snap judgments are when it comes to race, sex and appearance. So he tries to treat every customer exactly the same.

He quotes everyone the same price and word of his fairness has spread to the point where he gets up to a third of his business from the referrals of satisfied customers.

The fear of attractive women

Most males are afraid to approach a good-looking girl. Just like those green salesmen, they let their first impression hinder their confidence toward charming ladies.

They look at a pretty girl and say “Many rich, handsome and talented guys should have approached her already. Who am I to have her attention?”

They’ve lost even before the battle begins because let me tell you one thing: women love men with self-confidence. Richness, handsomeness, and any other thing are never as appealing as high self-esteem.

Women are not attracted to a cowardly male. It is obvious that he is not masculine and would therefore be unfit to protect her and her children better than she could on her own.

Therefore, just by having courage to move forward and talk to her, you’ve separated yourself from hundreds of men who are too frightened to make a move.

Practice self-confidence

Regardless of your level of confidence toward women, you can always increase it by deciding to challenge yourself every day, bit by bit. Do things that you have never done before.

Take action even if you are afraid to do it. Stop worrying about the outcome or what other people think of you. Take more chances and seize the moment.

The next time you see a lovely looking lady, try to see her as a normal person who’s also looking for an interesting man. Walk up to her and have a friendly conversation with her.

Speak with confidence and maintain eye contact. Don’t shy away from her, even when you’re in front of other people. It may feel awkward in the first few times. But you’ll get better over time.

Fight the first impression toward graceful women. Become the Golomb in your communication with them. And you would have more chance to seduce their hearts.

So how about you? You’re welcome to share with us how you approach beautiful women with confidence in the comments blow.