Campaign Analytics: What Separates The Good From The Bad
Norman Jacknis

Millions of 1s and 2s and zeros may speak towards consumer buying or trends of expectations figuring historical data sets without factoring the humanity of a persons decision. If analytics were in fact used by both parties the DNC learned very little about what is fueling american voters and should get back to Auditing those data sets prior to a return to capital hill. Id look at the complexity of what an average person figures in their decision . Ones current standard of life affecting them under an incumbent party.A family heads’ values and social compass may point independent of leftist moral policy after an internal means test of the proposed benefit to the familial economic potential and’ goals for their children.

Trumps manner of bullish candid exposure unsettled both parties private donor preference by his openly and unapologetic usage of the political backroom to his own benefit. Common voters were not voting for two politicians…Hilary may have been the established politician to capital hill and well schooled in how to play ball but maybe only too well to voters .Trump reviled by bipartisan establishment,seemed only understood by the voter .A business tycoon who talks about laissez-faire politics with focus on American futures, safety, and GNP increases. On paper it doesn’t add up ! Our country divided by our own leadership and in our homes cars phones and news media.

Maybe creating analytics on effects of our isolationism, crude unpredictability in delicate affairs. Hilary may have had an useful arsenol, doubtful any media warfare would be engaged.If only Analytics could have predicted the perfected Nazi era propaganda and misinformation as a lever in use to wedge gaps in our solidarity . Who truly gains beyond Media shareholders ratings is my concern. Polarized distrust of information by Americas peoples. empowering an unknown organization weakening the fabric of our Nation.

When leaders voted in to help build our dreams and strengthen government are hell bent on tearing it down without respect to the office they hold or respect to the highest office . The offensive is highly productive in weakening and distracting our agenda…

Democracy and diplomacy are historically what has enabled us to grow in our darkest times and bury the hatchet to see a brighter tomorrow. Not one family or party is so far away politically that we cannot build bridges to better our America. No easy math in play here;I fear seems in this past election, if there was it would be more chaos theory than Analytics.