The Millionaire Mind Intensive, is it worthy?

Do you have what it takes to create a million? Maybe you do, at the Millionaire Mind Intensive(MMI) you will find out your money blueprint, learn a new and effective way to manage your money and look at your current emotions and beliefs about money and if they are helping you succeed or fail.

Money Management

The biggest take away idea I got from MMI was the money management principle. It was said to be the single most effective strategy to build and create lasting wealth. So what is this magic formula? To be honest its quite easy to copy, and shows potential for amazing results. Let me introduce you to the Jar System.

I have used this system prior to the event from the content within the book and have noticed a lot of pleasure firstly from donating money to charity & going all out with the play account! Can’t wait to try out the other jars and look forward to hearing the changes you’ve made.

Money Personalities

Avoiders, spenders, savers & monks. These are the 4 personalities we have towards money. By hearing the names you can create a rough idea of what they are.

The groups with the most members were the spenders and the savers! With the spenders having the loudest personality in the room, throwing money on the floor as they arrived on stage in their flashy clothes. This was then followed up by the savers who were less flashy and had a humble personality, they were probably the richest but no one will ever know.

The monk personality was the funniest, when they arrived on stage. Having a philosophy of how money is sacred and should be used to help others, whereas avoiders liked to avoid the subject of money, anything from paying bills to making budgets etc.

At the end we all came up with ways we could adjust our personalities, which was using the magic money managing system & all agreed to run part-time businesses as money managers.


The program was quite eventful and had many mind altering activities, I would recommend anyone to attend MMI. It is worth it the time, effort and money.

P.s. You have a millionaire mind ✋🏾.