Just a quick thought…

When one is thinking about UX, most think UI. I’m not venturing that road… But that in mind, I was hit with some marketing that was interesting, albeit spammy, but effective.

I got a notification from Instagram and it was at least (way more than is expected) 140 characters, with curiosity, I dismissed it. A few hours later, I checked in on my notifications and I saw this:

My first thought was “that’s interesting” (internally thinking awesome!). I didn’t click their profile, I didn’t engage… I’m naturally pessimistic because I’m a technologist. This comment left me curious tho… So I clicked the photo to see its recognition in all its glory on my fantastic photo to inflate my ego (the first click, duh)… to find:

The comment had been deleted.

Marketing. Did it reach me? Yes. Did it engage me? No. Did it intrigue me and feed into my whatever emotion? Yes.

Back to my point… I just had an experience.

Marketing question: What’s the percentage of people that seek out the “link in bio” as if it were a Nigerian Prince promising money. Hitting on that whatever emotion that is like “YEAH, confirmed by another human that the shit I’m doing is good. Do I want be a part of something bigger than me? I should go out of my way to get more information!” kinda feels.

That was our UX.

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