An honest review after having tried Jaybird x4, Jabra Elite Sport, Sennheiser, and others.

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This is not a review of the AirPods Pro. There are plenty of those online (see below, under resources). What this is, however, is my personal review and conclusions about them. So many people have asked my opinion that I thought I’d share my thoughts here.

Comfort & Fit

I’ve never liked in-ear headphones that create a seal. They’ve always felt uncomfortable to me and like there was added pressure in my ear. Some have even felt like they would fall out with basic use. I’ve tried a number of headphones like this: Jaybird x4, Jabra Elite Sport, Sennheiser, and others. Apparently…

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Last year’s iPhone Xs models were the first to support dual-SIM technology, via eSIM. For every previous iPhone upgrade, transferring my number was extremely easy — just put your old SIM card in your new phone. However, since my iPhone Xs’s primary Verizon line was an eSIM, switching was a pain.

Setting up your new phone from an iCloud Backup or even through phone to phone transfer transfer your eSIM as well. You are going to have to contact Verizon Customer Service and have them send you a new QR Code to activate the eSIM on your…

Can the Google Pixel and Android 7.1 compare to the iPhone?

A battle as old as time

So yea, I’m definitely an Apple fanboy. If Apple makes it, odds are I have it. I got my first Mac in 2000 for my Bar Mitzvah and never looked back. I got the first generation iPod and upgraded many times until the iPhone came out in 2007. Since then, I’ve had six different iPhone iterations, a number of iPads, MacBooks, and various other products.

I’ve been very vocal about my preference for Apple products and have convinced so many people to switch to Apple over the years that…

How to Choose the Best Channel for Your Router

I live in a big apartment building in New York City. Unlike the suburbs, where there would only be one or two wireless networks visible from my bedroom, in my apartment there are roughly When I set up my WiFi router initially, I changed the network name and password and thought I set up my network correctly. But after a certain amount of time my network got ridiculously slow. What happened?

WiFi network signals go out over various channels. If you and a neighbor are on the same channel your WiFi speed will…

Jason Leibowitz

Software Engineer @capsulecares, Apple Geek, New Yorker & @ManUtd supporter

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