Here’s How Mobile Apps Can Skyrocket Your Business Revenue

Jason Limon
Nov 3, 2017 · 4 min read

There’s no denying the fact that a mobile app is the walking cane of the digital age. It can bring you endless possibilities to viably connect with your target audiences. In today’s fast-paced mobile era, no business can succeed without harnessing the power of mobile apps. With mobile marketing on the rise, the savviest marketers are investing more in building robust and intuitive mobile apps to help businesses engage their customers in a better way and also keep their employees well connected, which in turn boosts their bottom line.

For entrepreneurs, staying ahead of the curve and turning their vision into a successful business venture is not an easy task to pull off. There is a myriad of challenges that come along, which is why it’s always recommended to acquire quality mobile app development services as it helps maximize your business productivity and increases your chances of success.

From the last few years, mobile users are outstripping desktop users by a hefty margin both in terms of revenue and productivity, and this trend is likely to continue in the coming years. In fact, it’s been predicted that by the end of 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 265 billion times, which will generate around $75 billion worth of revenue, thus making them one of the most valuable computing tools for users across the globe. In addition to that, it’s also been determined that the mobile app revenue will hit $189 billion by the end of 2020.

The following are some key ways how mobile apps can help businesses generate additional revenue:

Geo-targeted push notifications

One of the prevalent features of a mobile app is its ability to push notifications. Back in 2010, the Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt predicted that the future of mobile would be autonomous and serendipitous. He also stated that time would come when mobile devices would present the users with all the information in an automated way. His predictions soon proved astonishingly accurate, as the handheld technology has become a necessity nowadays for businesses as well as organizations.

The geo-targeted push notifications feature of mobile apps allows you to send messages to app users in a particular geographic location. That is to say; you can send city or region based notifications to your users or clients about distinct offers based on their interests. Apart from that, you can also notify them about events, concerts, and updates about the availability of tickets. Using this feature, while retailers can boost their loyalty by giving exclusive discounts to their regular customers, business owners can announce sales or markdowns on their products during specific seasons.

2. Additional sales opportunities

Another significant advantage of having a mobile app for your business is that it opens a whole new world of shopping and engagement opportunities. There’s no denying the fact that the interactions between customers and businesses have grown to become geo-agnostic, which is where mobile apps come in handy and help you maximize the opportunity to reach your users within no time.

Mobile apps have opened the doors of possibilities and allowed users to utilize their leisure time for engaging with brands. By acquiring mobile app development services, businesses can reach out to their potential clients and, at the same time, empower existing customers and partners. Moreover, push notifications can be used to remind users of an abandoned shopping cart and also bring them back into the shopping experience, providing them a more accessible path to purchase and make transactions.

Amazon is a perfect example of how mobile apps can increase additional sales opportunities of a business. Being an online shopping store, it has gained immensely by successfully tapping upon the potential patrons who use mobile devices.

3. Data gathering

Another plus point of mobile applications for online businesses is that they can easily trace customers’ personal online shopping and browsing habits. Using this feature, business owners can analyze important things that help keep their customers engaged or even at times turn them off.

Always remember, consumer data can be of great use when it comes to developing more relevant and targeted consumer interactions. It can also improve business processes and marketing strategies, which further help advertisers understand the behavior of the visitors and provide them some great discounts and offers based on their interest. Simply put, tracking signals from mobile devices has given rise to a whole new world of analytics and data gathering opportunities for marketers and retailers.


Long story short, mobile apps are helping businesses increase their ROI mainly by increasing efficiency, building engagement, and enhancing the customer experience. Instead of spending lavishly on advertisements and their analysis, building a mobile app is always a better investment. However, it’s no secret that developing a mobile app involves a significant amount of time and cost, but once pitched correctly it can actually drive better traffic and sales.

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