20+ Things That are Amazing About Our Model 3

Jason M. Lemkin

A lot has been written about Tesla, boy a lot.

But I wanted to add a different perspective that a lot of folks, especially those that don’t have one miss.

The perspective is that it is a good car yes — but it is an incredible gadget. Amazing. Every gadget lover should try to have one if they can swing it.

Here’s my list of GOAT gadgets, I mean the ones that weren’t just cool, but truly impacted my life in a meaningful way:

  • Apple II (as a young kid)
  • Macintosh (as a student)
  • Startac (you looked so cool)
  • Netscape (woah)
  • Blackberry 957 (i could do email mobile when no one else could, and so pretend I was in the office! boy that was amazing until the rest of the world caught up!)
  • Treo (games AND email on my phone and more! the beginning — FBOW — of The End of Boredom)
  • iPad (TV would never be the same. yes, some cons here, too)
  • Chrome (woah)
  • Quora and Twitter (i’ve met 100s of the most amazing founders in the world because of them)
  • 27" iMac (so much easier to create content)
  • and …
  • Model 3

We got an early Model S and it had its charms, but also its quirks. It wasn’t a GOAT gadget.

But here are 20 reasons to Model 3 is a GOAT gadget:

  • It takes 90% of the stress out of driving on the highway. Yes, “autosteer” was oversold and probably misbranded. But boy, just setting it once you get on the highway is … pure bliss. It takes 90% of the stress out of highway driving. Amazing. No other vendor can do this, not really.
  • End of the gas station. The range of the long-range Model 3 is so long that really you just can never worry. Superchargers are cool, too, but if you can charge at home, then the “gas station” time and micro-headaches are gone forever. The combination of a real-world 250+ range and superchargers is something no one else has and is magical.
  • Incredibly safe. Game changer. Not only is it 5 star everything, but the active safety is incredible. It swerves when folks try to hit you. Autopilot makes your drive 10x safer. You only get it when you turn it off. But staying in the lanes 95% of the time automatically. Changing lanes automatically. It’s just sooo much safer than a … car. You won’t totally get it until you drive one for a while and then go back.
  • Quiet and so … calm. It’s no Rolls Royce, but boy, it’s just … nice. No engine noise, no drama, no anything. Just goes.
  • Infinitely fast. Yes, it’s not really a Ferrari. But IRL, it’s as fast as any vehicle you could ever want. And totally effortless.
  • So many nice touches. Flip up and the nav routes you right to the office. Flip up when you are at the office, and it routes you right home. So cool.
  • You stop caring about cars. Car culture is weird. It had its day, but it’s in the past. You won’t think about “cars” in the same way anymore. That’s a bit liberating in our materialistic society. The Model 3 shows you the post-car world.
  • You never have to service it, unless something comes up. That’s really really cool.
  • The mobile app makes your life so much easier. Worried you didn’t lock the doors? Just check. Want to schedule a service appointment? Just click.
  • It remembers where you parked. Not always with enough resolution to help at airport parking, but still nice.

I could go on. 10 actually is more than enough.

Look, it’s a nice, quiet, fast car that you can charge at home.

That’s great and fine.

But it’s more than that.

It’s the best gadget in years.

Jason M. Lemkin

Written by

SaaStr. Pre-nicorn VC. Co-Founder CEO of EchoSign. Served as VP, Web Biz Svcs at Adobe. Also built nanobatteries implanted inside your body.

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