SaaStr Comes Back to Paris — 2,500 at Europa 2019 on 12–13 June!

Jason M. Lemkin

We’re back!

We’ve just finished the very best ever, and now it’s time for Europa #02!

Back in Paris, this time on the Left Bank in an even more incredible location!

This year:

  • 2,500 attendees (capped)
  • 2.5 stages
  • 1.75 days
  • 300% more mentoring
  • 200% more fun! 12–13 June in PARIS!!

Early bird tickets are insanely cheap, as low as $199 (!), but that sale ends 28 February so GET ’EM NOW here ->

Jason M. Lemkin

Written by

SaaStr. Pre-nicorn VC. Co-Founder CEO of EchoSign. Served as VP, Web Biz Svcs at Adobe. Also built nanobatteries implanted inside your body.

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