Did Big TV ever really know or even care what audiences wanted?
Netflix is on F***ing Fire
James McNab

It strikes me: Nielsen Ratings, the primary on data provider for ‘Big TV,” is funded by those same television networks. Not dissimilar to credit rating agencies in the banking sector. They are inevitably incentivized to show good numbers to whoever is funding the market. In this case brand advertisers.

The other instance your article has me thinking about is the acquisition of NBC by Comcast. Young adults don’t buy cable. That’s over. I don’t even have cable. And so NBC backs up the money truck to buy a flailing network so they can “own” content instead of developing their own content without the legacy costs of an industrial age television network.

Comcast is making a ton of money right now but I have to think people are going to be disconnecting in droves — 5 or so years out.

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