Being comfortable in the silence

Commuting daily without my earpiece was something I would never imagine myself doing. I constantly needed to have my ears plugged in and drowned with songs ranging from Pop, Metal, Jazz or basically any genre of songs.

I was never comfortable in the silence

Isolating myself from the noises and voices around me felt normal. However, one fateful day changed my perspective and It has developed into my new found habit.

Rushing out for work, i searched my bag frantically for my earpiece but it was to no avail. I realised i had left it in my drawer the previous night. Great. How would i be able to survive my hour long commute to work today?

As i strolled along the walkway to catch my bus, I started to notice the sounds and sights of nature, the beautiful sunrise accompanied by the melody of chirping birds.

On-board the bus I glanced around and It was utterly packed with students and working adults. Everyone was either dozing off or clutching onto their bag or scrolling their phones. Almost everyone seemed to have earplugs embedded into their ear canals.

Wow, and to think I was oblivious towards all of this.

The serenity of nature was something I had taken for granted.

Since then, I’ve made it a habit to commute to work and back without my earpiece now. Slowly, I settled into the comfort of silence. Everything seemed to peaceful.

Instead i would either be reading a non-fiction / self help book, posts or stories on Medium or even answering questions on Quora.

However In certain situations, when I’m at the gym trying to beat my PR or to squeeze out that extra Rep. Motivational music comes in handy by blocking out the surrounding distractions.

Now i have the choice, the freedom to be comfortable with or without the silence.

Let me know what do you think about this story? 🤔 Do you travel with or without a earpiece on your daily commute? 📖 How would you spend your time during your daily commutes? ✍🏼

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