It’s Connected

You can’t be against all the “negativity” of political discussion on Facebook and simultaneously be appalled by the genocide in Syria. The two things are connected.

The Obama administration was partially boxed in from interceding in Syria because of the ongoing quagmire of the illegal and ill-advised invasion of Iraq.

Many of the people who are vehemently protesting the Trump administration also vehemently protested the Iraq War in 2003. Those people were called unpatriotic bleeding heart liberals. They were also, it turned out, 100% correct.

We live in the most powerful nation on Earth. When we misuse our power, it has disastrous consequences, but oftentimes, the worst of those consequences happen 10,000 miles and 10 years away from the decisions that set them in motion.

It’s not unlike the Obamacare debate. You will support the wrong policies and stand silent at the wrong times if you refuse to acknowledge that you have an outsized ability to save the lives of people far less fortunate than yourself. Acknowledge that power, AND that responsibility.

Make the connection. Stay engaged. If what you see in Syria sickens you, resist the Trump administration in the here and now, and fight to be on the right side of history, even if the comfortable ‘moderates’ call you “unpleasant” or “negative.” It matters — more than you know.