Jason McCormick
Dec 13, 2016 · 2 min read

I’m thinking you didn’t read the post too carefully. To clarify:

I do not label my conservative students anything, especially bigots.

I do think that many conservatives in the U.S. have recently adopted a victim mentality that they usually reserve for putting down liberals, except where liberals are afraid of anyone being offended, conservatives, on the whole, don’t want to be questioned on a personal level (and both concepts are problematic).

I think encouraging people to not question their ideologies takes away from critical reasoning, which is a major part of what I teach (to both liberals and conservatives).

I think that giving students who are just finding their footing as critical thinkers the power to have professors fired because society says everything is an us vs. them mentality is a terrible position to put teachers in.

I think that conservative culture groups have begun to start encouraging students to use this power to further their own agenda.

And yes, I think it’s pretty messed up that so many good, upstanding and often traditional conservatives feel more comfortable being mad at people outside of their party for pointing out blatant examples of bigotry rather than looking inward and disavowing and ACTIVELY RESISTING the hate-mongering small groups who are now wrapping themselves in the name “conservative.” If I were a conservative, I’d probably be posting on their feed, telling them that they’re horrible — not some teacher who’s trying REALLY hard to get his students to see past an either/or situation.

I think as long as the adults and leadership of conservative groups maintain either a supportiveness for that behavior and rhetoric or a silent acceptance, it influences younger conservatives to stop questioning party line and ignore nuance in society, and that’s just generally bad.

And if that’s still too long to read, here it is at it’s most base: I’m sick of people pushing young minds to think society is a team sport where you’re on one side or another. It hurts them and it threatens the people who are genuinely trying to improve student’s lives. It’s also just generally bad for the future.

    Jason McCormick

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    Published writer and lecturer at Borough of Manhattan Community College. I research monsters and write tales of whimsical horror.

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