Jason McCormick
Dec 14, 2016 · 2 min read

I’ve thought about how to respond to this about three ways, but all of them were long and nuanced, which doesn’t seem to be working, so here’s the short version:

I don’t know why you’re still making this a left and right thing when I’ve said repeatedly that this either/or split is the real issue. All it does is enable you to speak in generalizations. The world does not work like that but it benefits those who profit off of systems of oppression to maintain power.

Having privilege does not automatically make one a racist. It’s how that privilege is used and maintained that enables social constructs of oppression, or, in other words, racism.

And finally, I’m sensing that when most are upset about “the right” being aligned with racists, the real issue is that they personally don’t think of themselves as racist and are offended by the association — and I get that, honestly. But then why is it so much easier to get upset at the people making the accusation and ignore their reasonings for making it than to address the fact that straight up white supremacists are claiming the conservative platform with increased frequency? If I have 15 friends and one of them is a straight-up racist and he’s the one doing all the talking when we’re out in public, should I be mad at the people who associate me with racism or should I talk to and perhaps cut out my racist friend? If I truly don’t want to be seen as racist, shouldn’t I stand against it within my own group? Shouldn’t I make my 14 other friends see the problem and have them help me address it before they start going along with it too? Being silent or protecting him, being mad at the rest of the world, doesn’t solve anything. It makes things worse.

And I will say, again, all sides benefit from critical examination and nuanced understanding. That isn’t a left or right thing. It’s a human thing.

    Jason McCormick

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    Published writer and lecturer at Borough of Manhattan Community College. I research monsters and write tales of whimsical horror.

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