Jason McCormick
Dec 8, 2016 · 1 min read

Well, no, I was not an officer, but my father was one my entire life. In fact, I come from a long line of blue. I know the risks because my family has willingly took them on.

I also know that while the majority of police are good, it is because of who they are personally. There is not enough training. There is not enough evaluation. And when things do go bad, when there is an abuse of power, there are too many things in place to protect bad officers.

Complying is fine and well assuming that justice is equally distributed and that those “laws that are laws” are applied equally. It makes complete sense if you are able to trust that compliance will be enough but there have been many cases where this simply isn’t true. I don’t think they are and I’ve seen enough evidence to realize that there is a problem and that it’s more about the system and not about individuals. The reason I support protests (peaceful, of course), is that those “proper channels” even if they ever did work (which they don’t, which is part of the systematic issue) only exposes individual officers and not the system and society that allowed them to slip through. I don’t buy into any point without seeing the details and examining both sides with empathy.

    Jason McCormick

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    Published writer and lecturer at Borough of Manhattan Community College. I research monsters and write tales of whimsical horror.

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