When You are Gone

When you are gone and on adventures so great,
Open this poem as you are crossing the sea
And think of where you’ll go and who you will be
What you have earned through work and have been given by fate

Think of all who have loved your smile and loved your ways
And brought you joy and pain, fleeting as they may be
And those who were blinded by you and those who tried to see
And those who wanted to follow you through your days

And smile, a little sadly, for love forced to depart
Because of lack of vision or for lack of use
Or those who held too tightly a soul yearning to be lose
And remember one who, above all, Loved your heart.

Note: I wrote this poem as a challenge aping the W.B. Yeats poem I’m using for my literature class, “When You are Old.” I usually don’t write poems with any sort of rhyme scheme, but I like how this turned out.

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