Hi Jason, good to hear from you-)
Dug Falby

Yes — most of this is relevant. Taking the points.

This wasn’t meant to be about deliverables. But I believe tangible representations (stimuli of all sorts from cards, to sketches or more) etc. can be a way to better help discover the needs.

I do like job stories as well for the reasons you point out. They help to put more context and a nice motivating level of abstraction in there that widens the gamut of possibilities but more tightly directed.

I don’t understand your point re: population cohorts vs. market segments. Do you mean people differently clustered than demographics?

Re: design patterns, yes. We have to choose our points of where we ‘innovate’. Sometimes, just do the thing. Doesn’t mean we can’t challenge it to be more confident that doing it is right. Picking our battles is hard. But if you can, my belief is that you can better push something that matters if you give in a little on some of the other stuff. You can’t ‘innovate’ everywhere.

But ultimately what this piece was really about was the challenge of humans articulating needs and outcomes. My hypothesis being that maybe as parents we contribute to it. In addition to our neurological need to shortcut decision making.

I just think I wrote this badly ;-(