Bang against the wall…

Well we are finishing up week 3 here at The Iron Yard, and I have to admit, I hit a wall this week. We started Javascript, and it is really tough to say the least. Working on the “parlor trick” type logic (as our instructor Kelly calls it) is just such a different way of looking at things. I know I will eventually get it, it is just taking a long time.

Got a little bit upset yesterday afternoon with the afternoon assignment. You know you are in trouble when you look at something and you really have no idea how in the world to get started. The thing that was so upsetting was that we worked on it for several hours before the instructional team decided to pull it and work on it later. That is really a blow to your ego. I know it wasn’t their fault, but I really wish that had been looked at more before being tossed out to us. Oh well, up and over!

Well I’m going to post this out here, but please don’t make too much fun of me. Here is my week 2 project:

I was able to get the assignment done except for one small alignment issue, but hopefully I can get by with that. The code is ugly, no doubt about it, but it works, and it scales from a mobile, to tablet, to desktop view. Anyway, it was a lot of work, and in my own way I’m proud of it!