How Answering Quora Questions Unexpectedly Helped Prepare Me For Interviews

I’ve written a book on freelancing, which releases in a week. One of my strategies for building authority and creating awareness was to consistently answer questions on Quora about freelancing. So far, the endeavor has been quite successful within the Quora community, but time will tell if this translates into actual book sales.

While I was expecting this process to help me promote the book, I didn’t expect it to prepare me for the interviews I’d have about the book. In my first interview with Lighting Essentials, the conversation was organic and many of the questions that came up were ones I had specifically addressed with my Quora answers. This allowed me to answer confidently and focus on how to expand on these answers for the specific context I was in. As a result of my performance, Don asked me if I had been running the interview circuit for awhile. No, this was my first one!

While in hindsight, it makes perfect sense and seems stupidly obvious, I didn’t think of it until after the fact. With another interview recorded for the School For Startups Radio, my experience went smoothly again. Each time I write, speak or talk with others about Path Of The Freelancer, the more effective I become in communicating the message.

While it seems like common sense, practice what you want to do before you actually do it. Start by practicing in a low risk context and over time, you’ll be prepared when the larger opportunity arises.