The Best Thing about SXSL

The best thing about SXSL were the attendees. Yes, the panels were informative and sometimes insightful, but the key impact the event created was the new or reaffirmed connections between the amazing people who were there. Everyone was a rock star of what they do. Everyone had an inspirational story. If there was ever an “Army” of people to make positive change in the world, it was the people at SXSL.

Here are three people I had the chance to spend a little time with, either sitting together at one of the many tables, or chatting outside one of the exhibitor booths.

  1. Amy Kaherl from Detroit Soup.

While visiting the exhibit I got to meet Amy and learn about her amazing community-building project

2. Aisha Moody from Atlanta Music Project.

While taking a break between panels, and getting a quick bite to eat, I was fortunate to sit with Aisha and learn about I believe in the life-amplifying power of the creative arts and was excited to learn about Aisha’s path to bring music education to under-served communities.

3. Rachel Preston Prinz from Archinia

Rachel is slowly losing her sight. She is supposed to be totally blind already, but is beating the prognosis. This news, though disruptive, has driven Rachel to elevate her passion around design. She is teaching and sharing design with as many people as possible, knowing that design can uplift and help anyone/everyone towards their own goals.

I could probably list another dozen or so people I was able to chat with, but these three above definitely changed my life. #ItsThePeople #SXSL