Stop wasting time on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has massive potential

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LinkedIn is growing in importance as a social media platform every day. Traditionally a form of online CV that was only used when you were looking for a new job, it is now a powerful networking and sales platform.

With the coronavirus pandemic making face to face networking limited or more challenging in many places, the importance of LinkedIn has taken a massive leap forwards.

Like many social media platforms, it can be tough to stay motivated if you are getting low levels of engagement from your content. I’m no Gary Vaynerchuk or Tim Denning but I have seen a big increase (for me) in the level of engagement in my content since putting in place these strategies. …

Not what would you BUY

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Often when I talk to clients about their retirement plans, one of the most obvious questions is “When would you like to retire?” They’ll often laugh and say something along the lines of “as soon as possible”. The interesting thing is that when I push them a little on this, most quickly backtrack! Faced with the prospect of actually being able to retire at 50 or 45 or even earlier, most of us balk at the idea.

Why is that? It’s because we don’t know what we would do with our time. If we don’t know what we would do with our time, to me that means we don’t really know what the end goal of our financial plan is. We don’t really know what our ideal life looks like and what we are working towards. …

3 simple questions you need to ask yourself before you invest a penny.

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Investing for the first time can be daunting. There is a huge amount of information available online to educate yourself on finances and investments, but finding the stuff that applies to you can be a real needle in the haystack situation.

Before you even get to this point, you need to understand whether investing is right for you, and whether you are ready for it. You need to have an investment ready mindset.

This is really important, because investing can be a real rollercoaster ride. We live in a time where crazy, unexpected events seem to be around every corner, and investments markets feel all these lumps and bumps we see in our daily lives. …


Jason Mountford

Financial Advisor. Aussie. Expat. Dad. I write about stuff I like, not all of it related! IG: jasonmountfordfp

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