It sucks to be in a sales slump. The fear of not having enough business creeps in — and it’s paralyzing.

Your anxiety runs at an all-time high.

You’re ruminating on worst-case scenarios (am I going to lose my job? My business? My house? — hell, how am I going to eat?)

Okay, let’s not panic.

It happens to all of us.

And I know you’re anxious to take action — but what?

You can’t just pick up the phone and get appointments like it’s 1999.

So, where do you start?

When it gets to this point, take a step…

And they’re off!

You need more sales leads and it’s marketing to the rescue!

Let’s interview a customer.

Let’s write a blog series.

Let’s develop a video!

But that’s going to take too long. And it sounds expensive.

“Isn’t there something we can do RIGHT NOW that will generate leads?” You ask.

“Well, everything takes time,” they say.

But when you want to increase sales, you need people to talk to, waiting six months to see if a campaign generates sales conversations simply won’t do.

So, you throw your hands up in the air and become resigned to the fact…


If that’s the sound you hear after publishing an article on your blog, it’s frustrating for sure.

All that work and no one seems to care.

Oh sure, a few people clicked on it. Some even liked it and commented on it.

But they’re not leads.

No one is contacting you to find out more. No one is asking about your services.

You thought it was a good post and spent time making it so — but it’s not generating sales — not even one sales conversation.

“What am I doing wrong?” you ask as you throw your hands…

Uh oh.

You’re wrapping up with a client, and you need to develop some new relationships fast — but you’ve let your pipeline run dry. So what do you do?

Make cold calls?

Spam your network?

Go to networking events?

Write some articles?

Ugh — All of those tactics take too long. They’re annoying (for you and them) and their short-term effectiveness is questionable.

But don’t fret.

If you’ve been marketing and selling for some time, you’ve probably got enough opportunities hiding in plain sight.

Get focused on these seven strategies, develop a plan, and see how quickly you get…

It’s maddening, isn’t it? Marketing is talking about all the great things they accomplished last month.

Social media likes are increasing.

Newsletter opens and clicks are increasing.

Blog traffic is increasing.

And now they’re excited about a producing a video.

Yet there are no leads for you to follow up on. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

All of these projects made perfect sense when they pitched them. But when it’s YOUR business, the sales pipeline is dry, and no leads are coming in?

So, you throw your hands up in the air and go back to what you’ve always done — going…

The problems associated with low employee engagement has spawned a myriad of content, all filled with best practices and initiatives to increase motivation and productivity. But much like the reactiveness of our healthcare system that treats mostly symptoms instead of truly focusing on wellness, so too are our treatments of low employee engagement in our organizations.

According to an article in the July-August 2018 issue of the Harvard Business Review titled Creating the Purpose-Driven Organization, the disappointing results that companies continue to experience around low employee engagement despite training, alterations in incentives and increases in managerial oversight can actually be…

For Volkswagen, only a crisis of epic proportions could get them to confront its deep flaws in its rigid, hierarchical structure. But as Vivienne Walt points out in the August issue of Fortune Magazine in an article titled Volkswagen Races to Put ‘Dieselgate’ in the Rear Mirror, the irony is that the scandal itself may actually be Volkswagen’s best hope for success.

“Turbulence on this scale would be daunting for any business,” writes Walt. “But at Volkswagen, it’s happening while the company is still reeling from its mammoth diesel cheating scandal, which some execs describe as its biggest trauma since…

If you’re trying to create a culture of success to ensure that your organization runs in the most effective manner possible, you’ll inevitably have to look at your system of accountability.

In a matrix (any organization of 50+ people that must operate cross-functionally to succeed), accountability requires a commitment to ensure that you’re delivering organizational, team and individual outcomes — in that order. In other words, accountability in the cross-functional organization focuses on results and not individual activities.

Accountability in a matrix is a commitment and not an assignment because you want to empower people to accept and own tasks…

Jason Myers

Jason is a content marketing expert and the editor of OD Innovator Magazine, sharing leading practices in the evolving field of organizational effectiveness.

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