to every person who voted for or blindly supports the narcissistic, dangerous bully that is now the president:

Today, you cannot tell me that Donald Trump has taken the American Dream and wiped his ass with it.

You cannot tell me that the executive orders that have been systematically pumped out of the Oval Office over the past week have been for the betterment of the country.

You cannot tell me to “give him a chance” after he has so clearly proven that his position and the power which the position grants him is a danger to this country and to the world.

You cannot tell me that it is constitutionally and (perhaps more importantly) MORALLY okay for a man in congress to be able to decide the reproductive rights of a woman in this country.

You cannot tell me that you don’t immediately think of Hitler when you hear of Donald Trump’s isolationist and blatantly racist policies regarding immigration.

You cannot tell me that you are “pro-life” when you support the stripping of health insurance for MILLIONS of your fellow countrymen, women and children, leaving them unprotected and in the dark.

You cannot tell me that racism is a figment of the past in America when the president has barred immigration to this nation based upon the migrant’s country of origin.

You cannot tell me that Donald Trump has separated his business from his “politics” when the countries that are exempt from his immigration ban are the ones where he often conducts business dealings.

You cannot tell me that Donald Trump is “a man of the people” and is “draining the swamp” when his cabinet is among the most corporate-related in history.

You cannot tell me that Donald Trump is not a racist when as I am writing this, men, women and children are being DENIED ENTRY into the country because of where they’re coming from. Citizens, people with visas and green cards who have waited months to achieve the American Dream. Only to be turned away.

You cannot tell me that Donald Trump is a man of heart when he wishes to rip apart families and deport hardworking, true Americans who are trying to obtain citizenship.

You cannot tell me that Donald Trump is worthy of any “chance”, not from me nor from you.


You can tell me that if you really, truly support what this country stands for, you will be able to recognize that having congress dictate a woman’s uterus; having men, women and children barred from this country; denouncing the very so evident climate change that is impacting our planet; is NOT the way to “Make America Great Again”.

America is a nation that has provided me with all that I have, but today I have been provided with profound disappointment. I hope you understand why.

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