Why I Left a Six Figure Salary to Explore Salesforce

Joining the age of the customer and growing with them.

Leaving a job is always hard, especially one that pays well. I had been working as a technical architect and full stack engineer in the payments industry for several years. During this time I developed point of sale systems, payment gateways, loyalty apps, and software integrations with credit card terminals. Removing friction for customers was and still is one of my specialities. Being self taught, my first studies were in user experience and usability. As my skills have progressed I’ve kept both of these subjects at the forefront of my mind to deliver solutions that not only work for the business, but more importantly for the customer.

When I was first introduced to Salesforce I’ll admit it was a bit difficult to grasp the entire concept of their platform as a service. I had come from working on projects where nearly every feature set meant incorporating a new puzzle piece to complete the picture. That’s where Salesforce really won me over. I went from spending hours and days for implementing a solution to literally minutes. Not only did Salesforce increase my efficiency and effectiveness, but also my productivity. The speed at which I was able to deliver profit enhancing solutions skyrocketed.

After I had been exposed to Salesforce I knew there was no going back.

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that innovation is happening more rapidly in spaces that have become complacent with antiquated systems and business processes. Keeping up with technology advancements can be difficult, but that’s where I come in — I like to be the one leading and implementing new changes that you often see. I knew that in order for me to maintain the status quo as an innovation leader I must quickly adapt and enhance my methods.

Diving head first into Salesforce was not a leap of faith for me. What I didn’t know was what the platform was fully capable of and its limitations. That’s what drew me in and that’s where I began. Call me an analyst if you will. Investors often hire me to thoroughly research and analyze enterprise software. When investors are looking to fund anything they will want to know where a product or service stands in terms of its current status and potential. I believe the real excitement is in the potential, because it’s much more efficient to leverage a minimum viable product (MVP) and tweak it to be a minimum sellable product (MSP) that soon evolves into a maximum buyable product (MBP). MVP this, MSP that, MBP this, and so on – whatever you call it keep in mind to seek out the potential, because that’s what shines through amidst even a lengthy list of limitations. In my research I found that Salesforce has some of the greatest untapped potential than I’ve ever come across before.

Forbes has ranked Salesforce as one of the most innovative companies several years in a row and the company continues to receive praise from Business Insider for its ranking on employee happiness. That stands out a great deal in comparison with other large, innovative companies in my network. However, it doesn’t win me over entirely. Not yet at least.

When I left my six figure salary job my father asked, “What 28 year old leaves a six figure salary job?!” To that I would reply, “A 28 year old who wants to be more than just that.”

I’ve been repeatedly promised equity in multi-million dollar companies, only to find out that it was mostly talk. See that’s the one thing about me that continues to amaze my colleagues — I deliver. My father grew up in the 1950s where your word is a commitment and that’s simply how I was raised. Being able to communicate with C-Level executives is not an art. When asked to come up with a solution they will rely on you 110%. I believe that actions speak louder than words, so I am actionable and I deliver every single time.

What attracted me to Salesforce you might ask? I’ve been searching for mentors and successful advisors to help guide me through the corporate world for a long time. I’ve invested my time in researching financial institutions, currencies, stock markets, prominent financial tech startups, cloud computing, and ultimately I was searching for a business or brand that I could help achieve stellar results while staying true to who I was as a person.

I often wondered if I would have to become a person I was disgusted with in order to achieve success.

I was captured by Salesforce’s underlying philosophy of using business for social good by connecting people together to make the world better. I want to maximize my potential for what I’m really here for — using all of my resources to help others. Together we are rethinking technology to deliver impact for businesses and the customer, because those are the true stakeholders.

What I’ve learned is that success is making a commitment to others and myself. It’s why I’ve chosen Salesforce as my latest investment. As a platform that grows with its customers, I can’t think of a better solution for every business.