I’m coaching Gavin and his U6B White Tigers. We are having a ball. Our team consists of players with a wide range of skills from the first time player to Kayden, a boy whos father played soccer as a professional.

The weather has been ideal for both games and practices. I see why soccer is best played in the fall.

The Hilliard Soccer Complex has been a great venue for our games. The fields are well maintained and the leagues are organized.

Gavin has been on a tear of sorts, scoring 4 goals in the first 3 games. In game 1 he recieved the kickoff and scored in a mere 6 seconds. Not only was the other team and coaches stuffed, so were the parents!

His ball skills are coming along and he is controling the ball with both feet.

He is also becoming a leader on the field by helping his teammates understand where they need to be in any situation.

It has been a pure joy to see him grow both on and off the soccer field. Lynn and I are so proud of him.

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