I think Nielsen caveats the point this article is making in the first five seconds of the video: “I…
Mike Greening

Hey Mike!

Thanks for your comment. Very thoughtfully spoken. I did hear that part about how “designers are users IF they design products for designers”. My point of panties is that there are a lot of designers who design products for themselves (a few cited in this article) whose predominant user-base ends up consisting of mostly non-designers. My point is that that product was probably better served since a designer who actually wanted the thing took the time to create it.

I’m not trying to say we as designers can’t design good products that we don’t use…of course we can and do. You’re right, design as a trade (and my personal career) would suffer if we only ever got to design things we actually care about and use.

I’m just saying when at all possible, we should try and attach ourselves to projects we are passionate about, and would in fact use ourselves.

Until then (as you touched on) when we are blessed to design something we wouldn’t generally use, it’s a great opportunity to immerse ourselves into that industry, business model and user base. Learn as much as we can, and always test our assumptions with the real users!

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