Cannot disagree more.
Willi Kampmann

Very thoughtful response Willi.

I totally have empathy for you being left-handed and how much UI is designed for right-handed folks. I am ambidextrous so I get that to some degree.

You make a good point about learning. I’m not a curmudgeon who doesn’t like to re-learn things when they’re better for me. So far, this UI (particularly with the camera) has not been better for me personally (and seems a few others who’ve validated my original comment).

My suggestion is in alignment with yours. Apple should default the camera to the normal camera setting (love to know how many users use any of the other settings besides video frequently) and allow a touch gesture to change it instead of swipe action. Really big oversight on their part as far as heuristics go.

Finally, I think the conclusion we can also agree on is that Apple is adding a lot of crap (I’d wager many users don’t use or need at the ready)…and they’re not quite sure where to put it.