What came first? Darkness or light

If you’ve ever had trouble contemplating how the infinitely large universe can come from something infinitely small and compressed in what scientists call the big bang…….Turn all the lights off except one, stare into it, and then turn off that light..For a moment you will be consumed by complete darkness.

This is the true nature of time. As a duality one cannot exist without the other. Many might think that light came first. However, if space has no end and there is nothing outside the ever increasing expanse of the big bang then the dark side came first. Light reaches into darkness, it does not create.

If space-time was created by the pen-ultimate explosion then perhaps it could be considered to be a product of light. This begs the question though, is nothingness black or white, light or dark? If darkness is the absence of light what is the absence of darkness if there is no light. Some creatures see better at night or use sound as a form of sight. A dark world is not a blind one. Darkness doesn’t make space cold.

If one thinks about it, darkness had to come before light because without light there can be no dark. Do you see what I did there? Darkness is the absence of light, it can exist on its own. The beauty of light is how heat breathes life and color into all things. The dark has not always been there, it just came first.

The big bang was an explosion of both space, time, light, and dark. It’s hard to imagine what came before our universe because there was no time. One could argue that the explosion was light therefore light preceded dark. But when was time actually created? What actually formed space-time? Perhaps it was borne by the shock wave.

It’s hard to imagine a non-temporal existence but religious folks try. And if a group of people with so little imagination they’ve been rewriting the same book every few years for thousands of years is willing to try to imagine the unimaginable then why shouldn’t the unencumbered mind? Perhaps it’s merely another untapped region of our brain muscle which holds the secrets to the soul’s immortality.