When Is It OK to Mine Hacked Emails?
Steven Levy

The Russians have nothing to do with this. It’s an age old tactic for taking your eye off the content of the emails, to create a distraction.

This one has the added benefit of creating a common enemy. If you aren’t worried about the United States vilifying Putin the same way they have other leaders just before we invaded, you should be.

The “election” of Hillary is nothing more than a coup, like the one she backed in Honduras. No difference at all. Bernie won. Grow up and face it people. He overflowed stadiums all over the country while millions of young people registered to vote in record numbers. Think they were all excited to vote for the shill? No. they were lined up around the block at every event and every polling place the DNC couldn’t get closed. His votes were electronically switched to her. Voters were deleted from the rolls. It’s all documented. The people are willingly accepting and willfully ignoring this fact because it means that the veil is lifted, you are not free. This is not the great country you want it to be. Keep ignoring this fact, and this will go much further. The election of the shill might just mean the end. We may never regain control once we openly allow a stolen election.

People will laugh at this now, and remember it when it all goes down.

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