The “Plaink” Desk

As with most things, I’m never happy with what’s already been made — I’m obsessive about the details to a point where it burdens many aspects of my life (a bit of a sickness to say the least). So, I make a lot of things from scratch (digital and physical). Often, these builds end in failure with many lessons learned, but sometimes my obsessiveness actually pays off.

My search for a simple/elegant desk that can be used standing or sitting with infinite adjustment ended in typical fashion — a custom build. In this particular case, I was inspired by an easel stored for years in my garage. Made of metal with a single vertical square tube and 2 adjustable brackets to fasten a canvas, it was the perfect solution to my problem. The build was simple — weld shelf support plates to the existing canvas brackets, custom cut and route 2 shelves, a little sanding, oil and fresh paint… done! I call it the “Plaink” desk. Let me know what you think.