Letter one
Belinda Peter

Pardon the delay in response. Tried using the Laptop. But was not able to. Finally downloaded the app in the handphone.

A few important events stand out about you. First the day we bought the Sondyne music system in Cooch Behar. You were just a few months old and both of us kept listening to the music through the night. Amma had gone to sleep.

Next was in Shillong. I think you were not even a year old. It was the at the Shillong Club. New years eve. And on the dance floor it was only you and I dancing away enjoying the applause.

And in the recent past as a student when you conducted a Seminar at Stella Maris College I could not believe my eyes. The confidence and poise with with you introduced the subject was splendid. I realised my daughter was unlike me on stage. Many a crucial moment I had become self conscious during a presentation or briefing and thus losing a golden opportunity of doing even better in my career. Well nature and nurture both contribute to our personality and life. Let me write about the same in the next despatch.

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