Donald Trump is running for president like it’s Revenge of the Nerds

OK roll with me on this one. I know it’s a crazy statement to make. The 80’s classic Revenge of the Nerds is an uplifting story about a group of academic castaways who gain respect of the student populace by harassing the women of a popular sorority, competing in a carnival, and putting on a show to win them the presidency of the Hellenic Council. Mixed in there is some racism, misogyny, and of course straight up rape.

Now let’s talk Donald.

Harassing women?

Check. I’m not saying he’s distributing pornography in the form of pies or running a panty raid. We all know about his issues with Megyn Kelly and Rosie O’Donnell, but now he’s even calling for women who are harassed at work to just find a different company or career. This man is running for president and pretending like sexual harassment isn’t a serious concern. That’s almost a form of harassment in and of itself and we DON’T have to take it.

Competing in a carnival?

What else would you call the RNC debates. Trump has turned politics into a reality show and that’s not news to anyone. He’s the ringmaster, building excitement around his upcoming acts — a wall, banning muslims from entering the US (“temporarily”), beating China. He offers no proof, and much like a carnival sideshow I expect all these impressive acts actually will end up being a bunch of malarkey, but there’s no way to know because Donald won’t even give us the courtesy of informing the electorate as to his exact plans.

It should be noted that the gentlemen of Lambda Lambda Lambda changed the rules whenever they could for the carnival. A drug that stops alcohol from working, a pole vault that works with Lamar’s limp-wristed throwing style, etc. Donald has been changing the rules for how presidential campaigns are run. Think about it, any other candidate with that many gaffes any other year would be done. Not Donald.

Putting on a show?

I mean ok pretty similar to above. But think about it. Lambda Lambda Lambda gains prominence through an amazing musical performance. That performance for some reason gets them the presidency. Donald has been turning this election into reality TV as has been widely reported. It’s all bluster, gut and emotion. Nothing presidential about that, but hey it worked for the Lambdas, right?

The real question is, if Donald is Lambda Lambda Lambda, does that make HRC the Alpha Betas? Probably not, no. Because the comparison only works so much. And by so much I mean “not even quite enough for a good medium article.”