The #1mixpermonth challenge

I have been DJing for 17 years. That’s a lot of time. From my first DJ setup to my now fancy digital mixer, a lot of things have changed, including my musical taste. Even though I have constantly listened to hip hop and was my focus in my DJ sets, it is no longer the only genre I listen to. Over the years I expanded my taste to some crazy electronic music, old dusty funk, progressive metal, all sorts of rock and beats.

My current DJ setup

One of the things I enjoy the most is to actively listen and discover new music. It often happens to me when I listen to a track I love I want to share it with my friends and likeminded people. Nowdays this is real easy and you don’t have to record it on cassetes. It’s just a “share” button away. Well the thing is apart of being a music enthusiast I want to be a good DJ, a tastemaker and I am constantly trying to find ways to motivate me in constantly improving my DJ skills. The temptations and excuses from Netflix to a full-time job kept me from spending the needed time to record mixes and scratching.

This is why I decided to release 1 live mixtape per month this year. That’s 12 mixtapes. It doesn't sound like much right? Well the thing is I want to turn this into a challenge so I am using just music I discovered or listened heavily in the particular month. So in the beggining of the month I add tracks that I like listening to until I reach around 30 of them. Then this becomes my setlist and I need to find a way to smoothly mix between them. Once I got an idea of the order of the tracks I record the mix live, one take, no editing. This way I can hear the mistakes and learn for the next one. It’s more important for me nowadays to have more music out there than to make 1 technically perfect mixtape per year. This is why I will keep them coming and I hope you will keep listening!

Second mix of the year:

Will you join me in the 1 mix per month challenge?

Here are the steps:

  1. Pick 30 tracks from the songs you listen this month
  2. Define your setlist and order
  3. Record the mix live (no editing)
  4. Post it on Mixcloud with #1mixpermonth for others to discover
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