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As a 23 year old I can say based on personal experience our generation is doomed. Politically, people just spew whatever headline they see on Buzzfeed or reguritate whatever John Oliver said last night. In October this year, I actually had to sit down a group of friends and explain to them what a primary was, how elections and the electoral college works, and what a fillibuster was. Many in our generation do not take the time to form deep opinions on something based on research or experience, but rather what they see on social media. There is so much apathy as well. a lot of my college friends did not bother to work hard because they thought they would be handed a job — all of them are living at home now or have a job based on their parents connections. You mention that millenials have a higher favorable view of China and this is a perfect example of how clueless they are. Polls show much of the older generation has an unfavorable view of China based on their military buildup and because they are a fellow superpower and that recalls feelings of the cold war. But, China is not as dangerous as Fox News makes them out to be. Yes they are our chief economic and political rival, but Fox news likes to say China is bullying japan and we could fight a war against them. All of China’s moves is to project power in its region without it escalating to an armed conflict — completely natural for a superpower (we do it all the time). Yes they are heavy handed with Japan but that just causes national outrage because we are allied with Japan. China does this as a form of deterrence. So no, China is not the bogeyman that right wingers make them out to be. But is that why millenials have a favorable view of China? They dont take the time to read analysis of DOD reports so how would they know China isnt as threathening as its made out to be? In fact, based on the issues that milennials generally care about (social, human rights, free speech) — they should hate China. China represses Tibet and Taiwan, has backward policies on drug arrests, a regressive view of homosexuality, stifles free speech and blocks certain internet sites, and jails political opponents. So why the favorable view on China? Its the blind, unearned, unwavering optimisim our generation has that is borne out of having everything handed to them.

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