cowsay is the Most Important Unix-like Command Ever

ASCII art is the digital age version of cave paintings

cowsay is a classic program. It does not really do anything useful. It just provides amusment. Give cowsay a line of text and it will generate the image of a talking cows in ASCII art saying that line.

cowsay ASCII art is the digital age version of cave paintings

Cowsay Modes

Borg Mode

Uses == for eyes.

cowsay -b You will be assimilated

Dead Mode

Uses xx for eyes.

cowsay -d I told you I was sick.

Greedy Mode

Uses $$ for eyes.

cowsay -g Show me the money.

Paranoid Mode

Uses $$ for eyes.

cowsay -p They are gonna take my guns.

Stoned Mode

Uses ** for eyes and a U for a tongue.

cowsay -s "Dave's not here, man"

Tired Mode

Uses -- for eyes.

cowsay -t So sleepy.

Wired Mode

Uses OO for eyes.

cowsay -w Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Youthful Mode

Uses .. for eyes.

cowsay -y I forgot my ID at home.

Customize The Cow

Customize the cow eyes with -e

cowsay -e ss Snake-Eyes

Customize the cow tongue with -T

cowsay -T : I am hungry

More Than Just Cows

Most installations of cowsay will have included several cowfiles. You can list all availible with -l

Use the cowfile with -f

cowsay -f tux Hey Bill, I won.

There are some great ones here. Like the cow smoking a bong, an very uncomforatble sheep, and the ghostbusters symbol.

Next time you have something important to do, just waste time with cowsay

I hope you found this helpful. If you want more, I have a channel full of Python and Linux video tutorials on Youtube.