Parsing RSS feeds with Python

There are several option to parse RSS feeds for python. I wrote one of those options.

pyPodcastParser is a podcast parser. It should parse any XML RSS file, but it specializes in parsing podcast feeds. It does not parse ATOM feeds.



pip install pyPodcastParser


from pyPodcastParser.Podcast import Podcast
import requests

response = requests.get('https://some_rss_feed')
podcast = Podcast(response.content)

Objects and their Useful Attributes


All attributes with empty or nonexistent element will have a value of None.All attributes with empty or nonexistent element will have a value of None.

  • Attributes are generally strings or lists of strings, because we want to record the literal value of elements.
  • The cloud element aka RSS Cloud is not supported as it has been superseded by the superior PubSubHubbub protocol


  • categories (list) A list for strings representing the feed categories
  • copyright (string): The feed’s copyright
  • creative_commons (string): The feed’s creative commons license
  • items (list): A list of Item objects
  • description (string): The feed’s description
  • generator (string): The feed’s generator
  • image_title (string): Feed image title
  • image_url (string): Feed image url
  • image_link (string): Feed image link to homepage
  • image_width (string): Feed image width
  • image_height (Sample H4string): Feed image height
  • itunes_author_name (string): The podcast’s author name for iTunes
  • itunes_block (boolean): Does the podcast block itunes
  • itunes_categories (list): List of strings of itunes categories
  • itunes_complete (string): Is this podcast done and complete
  • itunes_explicit (string): Is this item explicit. Should only be “yes” and “clean.”
  • itune_image (string): URL to itunes image
  • itunes_keywords (list): List of strings of itunes keywords
  • itunes_new_feed_url (string): The new url of this podcast
  • language (string): Language of feed
  • last_build_date (string): Last build date of this feed
  • link (string): URL to homepage
  • managing_editor (string): managing editor of feed
  • published_date (string): Date feed was published
  • pubsubhubbub (string): The URL of the pubsubhubbub service for this feed
  • owner_name (string): Name of feed owner
  • owner_email (string): Email of feed owner
  • subtitle (string): The feed subtitle
  • title (string): The feed title
  • ttl (string): The time to live or number of minutes to cache feed
  • web_master (string): The feed’s webmaster


  • author (string): The author of the item
  • comments (string): URL of comments
  • creative_commons (string): creative commons license for this item
  • description (string): Description of the item.
  • enclosure_url (string): URL of enclosure
  • enclosure_type (string): File MIME type
  • enclosure_length (integer): File size in bytes
  • guid (string): globally unique identifier
  • itunes_author_name (string): Author name given to iTunes
  • itunes_block (boolean): It this Item blocked from itunes
  • itunes_closed_captioned: (string): It is this item have closed captions
  • itunes_duration (string): Duration of enclosure
  • itunes_explicit (string): Is this item explicit. Should only be “yes” and “clean.”
  • itune_image (string): URL of item cover art
  • itunes_order (string): Override published_date order
  • itunes_subtitle (string): The item subtitle
  • itunes_summary (string): The summary of the item
  • link (string): The URL of item.
  • published_date (string): Date item was published
  • title (string): The title of item.

Bugs & Feature Requests

I would like your help to break pyPodcastParser. Please send me any bug reports. I would also like to hear of your feature requests.