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45 is a malignant carnival barker, slimier than a swamp-dwelling used car salesman. He’s put the kibash on reality in favor of the twisted alternate reality that his faulty neuronal circuitry has constructed.

Sadly, he’s put a tractor beam on approximately 40% of our great country with the lies he spews out like tobacco in an Old West saloon. I agree with Chaz, his supporters aren’t likely to believe or care. The great news is, they are in the significant minority.

This is why I co-founded the Fire the Fool Declaration Rally in Washington D.C. with sister rallies all over the world. This Declaration Rally imparts a satirical, symbolic, and powerful message of firing donald j. trump and those in the government consumed with power and greed, defying their true position: to serve the people of America.

This is about declaring loud and with strength that political attacks on the people of this country or other ally countries will be resolutely opposed. We will never surrender to tyranny, authoritarianism, xenophobia, or extreme nationalism.

WE WILL NOT TIRE. WE WILL NOT FALL IN LINE. The same power we give, we can, and WILL, take away.


J @fire_the_fool

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