15 Pieces of Advice To My 15 Year Old Self

1 — Give more to others. Give more of your time, give more of your energy and give more of your money (which I know you don’t have much of now) — Create in yourself a servant’s heart now.

2 — Pray constantly. Always start your day giving it to God because ultimately, he’s in charge. You might think this is silly or something that isn’t very important, but trust me, it is.

3 — Think about others. Don’t just make life about yourself. Remember all those trips to the store with your grandparents so they could get you anything and everything YOU wanted? Try reciprocating that back to them every so often. Someday you’ll wish you did more.

4 — Complain less. Life won’t always go your way, but complaining about it just makes it worse.

5 — Sports isn’t everything. Enjoy them. Root for your teams. But don’t obsess over them. You will soon come to understand that there are many more important things in life than sports.

6 — Appreciate the daily interactions with your two brothers. Someday, you’ll move away and wish you lived closer. You’ll realize you don’t see them nearly as much as you’d like. And you’ll miss them terribly.

7 — Read more. I know you like to read the sports section of the newspaper and sports magazines but read more books. Read more books on leadership. Read more books on discipleship. Read more biographies. And most of all, read your bible. You were given one at 15 years old when you made your confirmation in church. Trust me on this. Read it. It will change your life.

8 — Take more english and writing classes in high school and college. You may not think these are important now but as you start to explore your career options, these 2 subjects will be essential in whatever path you choose.

9 — Stop watching so much TV. I know you love sports and and watch enough of it. I know it’s ALF on Monday and FAMILY TIES on Thursday and DALLAS on Friday but just stop. Spend more time with your friends. Spend more time with your family. Read more (see above). Write more. Be more active. One day you’ll actually start jogging and kind of actually enjoy it. Crazy right?

10 — Find a mentor. Seek wise counsel. Someone older that you can learn from. Someone that will pour into your life. Someone that is there for you when you’re down, when you’re struggling, when you just need a voice to listen. This one is so important.

11 — Find a church to attend. Right now, you’re just trying to figure out what life is about. High school, girls, sports, classes. However, I cannot stress enough how essential it is to get fed each Sunday by a church that preaches the gospel of Jesus. A church with an emphasis on the community. A church that can help you grow spiritually but allow you to serve at the same time. A church that believes in fellowship and doing life together.

12 — When you look at someone of the opposite sex, remember that person is someone’s daughter. Treat women with respect, with grace and with dignity.

13 — Educate yourself on social issues. I know at this moment, you don’t care much about serious, real life issues, but now is the time to begin to learn more about racism. Learn about sexism, about terrorism, about real life issues that continue to occur in our country and around the world. Learn their origins, where they came from and where they are in society today.

14 — Remember that your biggest obstacle in life will consistently be YOU. Your sin, your fear, your vanity, your distraction, your prejudices, your preference of worldly things. These are our true daily struggles. Be humble, think of yourself less and give it to the Lord.

15 — Honor your mother and father. I know that can be difficult as a teenager. Just remember, you don’t know it all. Your parents, although flawed in many ways, are your parents for a reason. They know more about life that you know at this point. Just honor them, love them and even though you will constantly disagree with them, underhand that they ALWAYS have your best interests in mind. They love you more than you could ever know.

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