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Ok, so technically you don’t have to understand computer science in order to program. In fact, I worked as a freelance programmer for years before I read my first book on computer science.

Understanding the basics of computer science will help you become a better programmer, though. Once you know how to think like a computer scientist, you’ll be able to compose more efficient, more effective programs. Maybe you’ll even be able to get paid more! 🤑

I’m going to explain some computer science concepts, starting at a very basic level, to help things make more…

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Some time ago I searched for JavaScript tutorials for beginners that were consistently written with a modern declarative/functional style from early on. I had great difficulty in finding any, so I decided to consider writing my own.

Two days later I had a completely unwieldy outline for a tutorial program that would have taken months if not years to write, in keeping with my general tendency to plan enormous projects I will probably never finish. I kept it for posterity, although the current series will almost certainly be far more modest. 😉

Introducing Simply JavaScript

Simply JavaScript is my attempt to create a…

Fluent interfaces make your code more readable and, just as importantly, more fun to work with. We’ll build a small DOM manipulation library with a fluent interface to show how this simple technique can improve your code style and efficiency.

jQuery might not be needed for most modern JavaScript applications, but we can still take advantage of its better design features in our own projects!

Fluent interfaces are a beautiful thing.

I mean, when you take something like this:

And compare it to this:

Ok, it’s not like the first is completely unreadable, at least not with this simple example. But if you’ve had significant experience working with native DOM methods in JavaScript you know how much more clunky and cluttered it can get.

And doesn’t the second example feel more like the actual HTML fragment the code is creating? …

Without going $100,000 into debt doing it

You’ve heard the statistics.

You’ve seen the headlines.

You know becoming a web developer, data scientist, or software engineer is more than just a trend; it’s one of the if not the fastest growing professions in the world today.

But where do you start?

Especially if you don’t have a background in computer science or engineering?

For those of us who don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on training, not to mention the years of study it can take to earn a degree, it can seem like a dream just out of reach.

Coding bootcamps and other, similar programs try to fill…

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Developer, ADHD advocate, entrepreneur. I promote open source software, hardware, politics, & society. Most important, the greatest kid on Earth calls me Daddy.

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