Divorce in Singapore: Things to Know

Divorce is something very emotional leading to physical and mental stress and messy and it also end up breaking a person’s morality. People should take notice to make efforts in reducing unnecessary divorce and maintain a healthy marriage life for a better society.

Divorce is a legal procedure that ends a marriage. It can be faced in 2 ways- either contested or uncontested. The role of lawyers is important in the case to understand the rules and regulations of the case. Make sure you find a competent lawyer to enlighten you with the divorce proceedings.

Initially, Courts will take the responsibility to deal with the termination of the marriage itself. Here, the Court has the power to decide whether the marriage should be terminated. At the end of this particular stage, if it is successful, then both parties will receive an Interim Judgement.

In the second stage, the Court has all the power to deal with the Ancillary matters. These generally involve equal partition of matrimonial assets, children care and custody, and maintenance of the wife and children. Also, at the end, both parties will receive a Final Judgement.

Keeping in mind the norms to get a separation, you must be married for no less than 3 years. In exceptional cases, divorce in Singapore can be filed before there has been 3 years of marriage. In any case, you should prove that you have endured extreme level of hardship or if your life partner has been exceptionally cruel or irrational. Be that as it may, there are sure assurance procedures that are utilized by individuals. The most well-known type of a Protection Order is the Personal Protection Order (PPO) Order. The Personal Protection order is a court arrange accessible under Part VII of the Women’s Charter.

The PPO has widespread application. It is accessible to Singapore citizens, all people in Singapore, and all people domiciled in Singapore. An application might be made by the relative victimised by the family violence. You can apply for a PPO at the Protection Order Services Unit of the Family Court. An act of family violence has been conferred/is probably going to be submitted against a family member; and a PPO is vital for the security of that relative. Divorce in Singapore takes special procedures and this must be handled by professional divorce lawyer.

Again, in the separation process, the term ‘expedites’ means to quicken the process. Expedited Order is given during an urgent PPO that is made before the trial. It is generally granted to the family if there is any chance of imminent danger of physical injury to any member of the family. This order is valid only for 28 days.

About Author: Jason is a law student, currently working with one of the legal advice, divorce lawyer. He is now writing on topic related to divorce and wills.