How Can I Make My Divorce as Amicable as Possible?

Divorce is never something top on anybody’s wish list. Conversely, it is the last thing any couple would ever want to go through.

Divorce? is never something top on anybody’s wish list. Conversely, it is the last thing any couple would ever want to go through. However, life is never a smooth-sailing journey, uncertainties are the only certainty and mistakes are bound to happen. And when it really happens, how can one better ameliorate the shame of our failure in keeping to the vows we’ve once made? An amicable divorce is always the best option for any troubled couple. Here are some tips to achieve a civil separation:

  • Get yourself together

The first step to an amicable divorce is to sort yourself out; clean the emotional slate of feelings beforehand. With hatred in your heart and animosity in your voice, the divorce will never be a cordial one. That is not to say that you should hide your unhappiness and put on a facade. Being open about your feelings is important, as much as being emotional is understandable. Therefore, one should always get themselves together before starting on this process. Reminding yourself to be open and being mindful about the tone of your voice towards your partner is always a good starting point.

  • Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is a dispute resolution process whereby couples can avoid the lengthy and costly process of a contested divorce through negotiation. It is a solutions-driven and problem-solving process. The goal is to help couples work successfully within the Collaborative Law Structure to achieve a positive outcome for both parties whilst trying to avoid the social, emotional and economic strain a traditional divorce can have.

Unlike in litigation where parties are pitted against each other, collaborative divorce aims to facilitate an objective discussion on how to advance difficult situations. Also, in a collaborative divorce, parties decide what the terms are through their own Singapore Dispute Resolution Centre-accredited lawyers who work together towards achieving an amicable result for their clients. This is unlike in court where the judge would have the final say.

A collaborative divorce is thus a good choice to consider if you are interested in having an amicable divorce. As parties are able to discuss and compromise on each other’s wants and needs, this helps to open up the channels of communication and facilitates an agreement being reached.

  • Honesty is the best policy

Playing tactics in a divorce process is only going to lengthen the procedure and incur unnecessary charges. Above all, you will only be wasting more precious time which can be used to recover from this entire process. Being honest with your partner ensures a smoother divorce procedure as main issues can be resolved head on, without having to run around in circles, accusing one another about the facts. With dishonesty comes animosity. Parties should always avoid any additional aggravating factors while trying to work on an amicable divorce.

  • Finding the right lawyer

The right lawyer makes a huge difference in a divorce process as they are the ones who would be shouldering your problems with you. Divorce proceedings are never a walk in the park. Contrarily, it is an emotional and stressful process for everyone. It is always best to seek professional advice at an early stage to help clarify any issues you might be facing, and to help navigate you through the directions towards the best solution. With a good divorce lawyer, you can be assured with experience and professionalism. A good divorce lawyer also helps to make the entire process more affordable. Do your homework and find a reputable divorce law firm before jumping into any boat which comes your way. Remember to always find a lawyer you can click with as you will be working with them for a period of time.

About Author: Jason is a law student, currently working with one of the International law firms in Singapore. He is now writing on topic related to divorce and legal advice.