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As technology advances and our options grow, so does the university culture. Tools like laptop computers and tablets can help college students both in the classroom as well as for studying. More and more people now attend class with some form of technology to help them. Students no longer have to page through text books to find information. Rather, they can do a simple key word search online and have everything they need to know right there. Taking notes is now easy and creative, allowing students to type up their thoughts quickly. Having a device in the classroom is no longer seen as a distraction. It is now encouraged and viewed as a helpful and necessary learning tool.

This technology is more than just a study tool though. If a student arrives on campus they can view a map online to figure out how to get to their dorm room or the library. They can do a quick search to find the phone number for the art department. They can pull up the college athletics schedules. Students can read reviews about their professors and write a review themselves if they want to. Students can download their textbooks online. They can keep in touch with class mates, friends and family by means of a screen. There are new ways to help keep students organized, manage their own budgets, and find great discounts.

Anything a college student needs can now be found online or on a mobile app. Study help, workout trackers, text book rentals, discounts on electronics and other products, dating apps, it can all be found at your fingertips.

Here are some of the best apps that college students should not live without

Best App for College Bound Students –UniversityVisitorsNetwork

Best App for College Text Books — Chegg

Best App for Study Help — Brainscape

Best App for Discounts — iSlick

Best App for College Sports — TheScore

Best App for Organization — iStudiez

Best App for Bibliographies — EasyBib

Best App for Group Projects — Dropbox

Best App for Taking Notes — Evernote

Best App for Staying on Budget — Mint

Best App for Staying Healthy — MyFitnessPal

Best App for Keeping in Touch — Skype

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