Fall Semester Must Haves


Everything you need to make this fall semester a great one!

A baggy sweater or hoodie

Comfort is key here. A hoodie is great for hanging out with friends on the quad, studying in the library, and even to wear to class.

A warm flannel

Who doesn’t love a warm flannel? They come in so many different colors, pick your favorite and you will be trendy and warm all fall.

Comfortable sneakers

Sneakers are another item that can go casual or dressed up. You can rock them with some jeans or chill out in some sweats. You also get a bonus with this because you can wear them to the gym.


The weather may be cooling down but the sun will still be out in full force. Make sure you have a good pair of shades for all the time you will be spending outdoors.

A stylish beanie or hat

The best way to fix a bad hair day is to throw on a hat. Depending on the weather, you can pair your outfit with a cap or beanie all day long. You can also get in your school spirit and wear these at the fall football games. Go team!


Tune out the distractions while walking around campus or cramming in the library with a good pair of headphones.

A sturdy backpack

Don’t be that student who tried to carry all of their books around. Your arms will hurt. You will drop things. You will lose books. Get a backpack.

Your favorite jeans

Jeans are the ultimate go-to for fall. You can dress them up or wear them casually. They are good for going to class as well as active wear like hiking or biking.

A trusty watch

Keep track of the time and stay organized by wearing a watch. There are so many style options out there to find one that fits you perfectly.

A cozy blanket

Cuddle up in a cozy blanket this fall. You can keep it in your dorm room and bring it out to lay in the grass on a crisp fall day.

This was originally published on August 18 2016 on www.myUVN.com/blog