What Are Some Good Ways To Deal With Fear?

Fear is the body’s reaction to your mind. There is the fear of physical danger and then there is psychological fear. Fear at its root is the fear of death (not necessarily physical death). You can think of it, as fear of not being enough or fear or not being loved.

When you learn to ask better questions that direct your mind toward where you want to go (the result) vs where you don’t want to go (fear) you can learn to better escape the trappings of fear.

Fear is like a voluntary prison in your mind where there are no walls, no guards, and no inmates. Escape is encouraged and the lie you tell yourself is that by staying fearful, you will somehow be safe.

There are only two things you can control.

1. Your perception
(how you view the world)

2. Your procedure
(how you respond to the world)

With everything else in life, there are risks and there are challenges. The fastest way to get out of fear is by being grateful. Focus on who you love and who loves you. Focus on the challenges you’ve overcome in the past and the milestones you’ve crossed. Fear in your mind is like a dirty glass of water.

You cannot take the dirt out of the water, but through displacement, you can fill the glass with clean water (gratitude). Train your mind to move you toward what you want, instead of letting your mind trick you into the false sense of security that fear brings.