Launching The Frank

I don’t think of myself as a “product” guy. “Product” guys to me are the people that create Apple or Nest or Oxford Pennant — physical products that can be held, used, and enjoyed. I suppose that’s an old-school way of thinking. We now have plenty of apps and sites that are also held, used, and enjoyed, but I don’t know, it’s tough for me to think of myself as a “product” guy if I’m not making something tangible and handing it to someone.

I’m a content guy. I love to read and write, and I love to talk about what I read and write. More than two years ago, I started the Atlanta Book Club for Men with the intention of bringing smart, young dudes together to read, think, and argue. Booze and food naturally found their way in, but most importantly, content has prevailed. We’ve read twenty-six books so far (if you send me a note, I’ll send you a list) and have discussed growing up, the fate of the world, walkable cities, and The Elements of F*cking Style, among many other topics. Content is where I live.

So, I’m super excited to launch The Frank — a morning email digest of the top things to know in national and local sports. The Frank is daily sports content that’s most important to you. We cull through the news, find what’s relevant, and then package it to you in a fun, concise, and informative email. You can go to the site right now and sign up for your city’s newsletter. If you don’t see your city, send a note and request it. We’re going to grow, and you should tell us what to prioritize.

I’m super stoked about this launch. If I were being honest, I’d tell you that I’ve meandered around a bunch of different ideas to start. It’s been a frustrating process of figuring out what exactly it is that I want to do, and the frustration probably came most from the fact that I was thinking about products. But, I’m a content guy, and this is what I want to do — produce words about a topic of interest and build a voice.

So, will you subscribe and give it a try?



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