Support CitySeat!

These are CitySeats. You should sit on one.

Last week, I wrote a post about product people — those that put something tangible in your hand, and my friend Chelsea is such a person. Chelsea is the founder of a pretty rad company called CitySeat, which insures that your butt stays clean when you’re biking around town or at your favorite spinning class.

CitySeat is in the final hours of its Indiegogo campaign, and the team is just 14% from the finish line. We should help.

Here’s why:

1. The Product Works

First and foremost, CitySeats do what they’re supposed to do — always a good sign for a product. The idea was born out of a need to “cover your ass” from the beat up seats on popular rideshare bikes around the country. You know what these can look like, especially in the winter — dirty, grimy, and cracked. CitySeat solves the problem by putting a nice, clean cover under your butt. Live in a city that doesn’t have a bikeshare program? You can still use the cover for your own bike and keep it clean from the elements when you tie that thing up. Or, you can bring it with you to spin class, because who knows who sat on that spot before you?

2. The Product Is Cool

So yeah, my CitySeat serves its function and works, but I like it most because it’s pretty cool. Chelsea offers different designs from the ones you see above to seats with emojis or with pineapples, my pick. It’s a bit of flare that let’s you put a personal touch on a useful product and stand out from the crowd. You know how you feel when you’re walking around with your Beats or running in that Nike shirt? That’s the feeling you get when you use your CitySeat. You’re aligning with a cool brand making an awesome product. Trust me, it’s better than that plastic bag you’re using.

3. CitySeat Supports The Community

Every purchase of a CitySeat supports Recycle-A-Bicycle, an organization that helps low-income kids earn a bike. CitySeat donates 2% of every sale, so as the company grows and sells more covers, more kids will ride bikes and stay healthy. You tell me — are you not in support of that?!

4. CitySeat Is Thinking Big

It’s fun to see ambitious people with ambitious goals, and CitySeat isn’t looking to just make a couple of seats and serve a small group of people. Nope. Chelsea wants to grow, so she’s raising $30,000 in order to build an inventory of CitySeats and meet the demand of bikeshare programs in New York, Boston, DC, and across the country. In my opinion, when we see worthy start-ups, we should support them. The world is a better place when we’ve got plenty of companies pushing creative new ideas, and CitySeat does just that.

5. Get Cool Swag

It’s crowdfunding, so of course, there’s cool swag. For giving on Indiegogo, you can get snapback hats, shirts, or CitySeats. There are some other perks for the heavy hitters among us, like getting to design your very own CitySeat. ‘Nuff said.

Chelsea’s an awesome friend, but this post isn’t just about her. It’s also about a great new product, why I like it, and why we should support it. When we see a smart, creative person with a useful, well-executed idea, we should rally and help out. Especially if snapbacks are involved.

So, #RideOn and support CitySeat on Indiegogo. Time’s-a-tickin’.



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