What The Frank Will Try to Take From Soul Cycle

This weekend I’m in New York visiting my wife’s family, and it’s an opportunity for Brigitte and I to do an activity that we enjoy — Soul Cycle. If you’re not familiar, Soul Cycle is the studio that’s made spinning a huge phenomenon through its fun, high energy classes. I’m always amazed at the company’s intense and passionate following, and if you ask me, it has to do with the instructors. People don’t just go to Soul Cycle. They go to their instructor at Soul Cycle. The company has done an incredible job of defining the experience that it wants to create and finding people that will nail that experience. Here’s a quote from a dated yet still on-point article in New York Magazine:

But the strength of the brand lies in the personality and charisma of the person on the podium, and on carefully pairing that person with his or her audience.

And, here is how that instructor makes that audience feel:

“This is my happy place.”


“I’ve never been so high.”


“SoulCycle has changed my life.”

Now, one way to think of Soul Cycle instructors is to fashion them as producers of the company’s content. That’s how I think of the them in the context of The Frank — the instructors produce the class on behalf of Soul Cycle for the customers to enjoy. Through that window, it’s easy to see where I’m going. If you remember the SATs, here you are:

Instructors : Soul Cycle :: Writers : The Frank.

So, just as Soul Cycle looks for a certain individual to lead the class, The Frank is looking for a certain individual to write our daily emails and produce our experience — a fun, concise, and informative morning email of the top national and local sports news.

Here’s what we’ll look for:

First, we want our writers to be fun. The writing has to be light, energetic, witty, and fresh. Do I expect that people will get a high from The Frank? Yeah! Why the hell not? The high may not feel the exact same as the one that comes from exercise, but the relative goal is the same — produce something that makes a person feel good and wanting to repeat the experience.

Second, we’re looking for writers that know their sports and can provide the most important information. That’s why we want local writers to write about local sports news. We want writers that know their teams and know what the fans of those teams care about. Each fanbase is different. From having lived in Miami, I know that our Miami edition needs more Heat news than Panthers news. And, being from Atlanta, I know that we’ll have to include lots of good Dawgs coverage in our Atlanta version. By finding local writers, we won’t just provide information, but rather, we’ll provide the right information.

Today, Brigitte and I are riding with Jaws, and we fully expect her to be awesome. We’ve never ridden with her since we’re from out of town, but we know — Soul Cycle has taught us what to expect. At The Frank, we’ll strive to produce the same type of consistency and work with writers that fans want to read. Subscribe and see how we do.


Jason :)

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