Know What Shadow IT Is And How To Handle It Like A Pro!

After you use a product for quite a sometime, you need to know whether the product is reusable or renewable. In this competitive world, it is quite impossible for you to spare money again and again for the same piece of product. Hence people go for those pieces of raw materials that you can use once and again you can renew the product license and can use it for another period of a year or so. In bigger companies, buying high end products is certainly not a big thing. But if the same thing happens in each and every department, then the total cost matters at the end of the year and the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet will reflect the huge amount spent for nothing!

Use the automatic update of the software

So using the product that you can reuse in future can solve your problems! You just need to use Automated License Management policy. You need to tick the automatic button and say the product tenure is a year, so at the end of the year, it will automatically get updated and a bill will be raised in your email and you have to pay the money! This is the magic of the automatic updates. You do not need to get up, call them and fix the update. Just keep the update button on and everything will be done on time and you just need to pay the money.

Risks of shadow IT

In those companies where IT department fixes every problem related to computer and IT infrastructure, you need to take their permission before using your personal laptop or smart phone in the system. You cannot use new software or you cannot go for software updates without their permission and these rules on the bigger picture is not easy for many of us. Working in such a condition where you are not permitted using or implementing anything related to the computers is nothing but a irritating thing and thus employees do all of these without informing the authority.

Minimize the risks like a pro

Hackers are there and they are trying their best to snatch the information out of the office database. The software used by the employee may be bugged with virus and after using it, the whole IT system of the company may get infected and thus managing shadow IT is very much important. The IT manager needs to evaluate the system on regular basis and ask the employees about their problems and need to solve their IT related problems ASAP.

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