Episode 7

Turning Point: Jason Suriano from TIQ Software

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Jason Suriano — Founder & CEO TIQ Software

Jason watched his father struggle as an entrepreneur and swore it was not for him.

Now — an entrepreneur — Jason is in the education and gamification industry working on amazing projects with institutions and corporations alike.

The life of an entrepreneur is not something Jason wanted to emulate as he watched his father struggle, then he ended up in the same position… thankfully.

Working in education and gaming led him to a unique opportunity in staff training. The new role suited him well, building on his past successes and dovetailing with new opportunities.

Jason describes how his passion for learning, and for kids, became a stepping stone for unique partnerships in the corporate world through his company TIQ Software



You have heard of gamification. But have you heard of the gamification of onboarding your new team members?

Jason Suriano and his team at TIQ Software have a tiger by the tail and he shares some Founder to CEO stories and value bombs you won’t want to miss like…

  • Why onboarding of your new team members is so important.
  • Why his masters degree in humanities computing was such a big part of his success.
  • Why it’s important to double check the financials of the company you plan on acquiring.
  • Why he, and you, may delude yourself about the extent you can change others.
  • Why one of your jobs as Founder is to help your team simplify.