yet voice interaction subverted screens entirely
This is how Google will collapse
Daniel Colin James

Herein lies the entire premise of this thesis, and I’m yet to be convinced voice will in any way come close to surpassing looking at a screen.

If anything, video and photographs have become a way of communicating, rather than a way of documenting. If Google owns its own mobile platform, makes its own very profitable high end devices, controls what ads appear on its search engine, even if AdWords/Adsense dies, I can’t see how their company will collapse. And as the article mentions, YouTube never made a profit, so even if that folds there’s no downside to the p & l each quarter there.

Users hate ads, sure, but I consistently see people conduct google searches, then click of the top result, oblivious to the fact that they just clicked an ad.

I wonder some times if those very close to the tech sector often get too excited over the next big thing, just out of sheer excitement, meanwhile in the real world people are happy with Windows XP and their iPhone.

I have a suspicion the smartphone screen isn’t going to be surpassed in importance for some time.

All that said, if Facebook ever figures out search, it may become a decent threat to Google’s golden goose.

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