Falling into Winter’s Slide

A powerful river slows to a meandering, late-summer trickle, flirting with her annual low tide mark. Pleasant afternoon sun shines down from on high. Birds and squirrels chirp and chatter as they go about their busy day. And yet, something is off, awry. Change is in the air. Secretly, silently; summer wanes.

The change is subtle, like a secret conveyed between old friends. A cool, crisp morning. A dusting of snow high on a distant peak. The faint scent of wood smoke blowing on the wind. The forest is aware. And thus, the leaves begin to change.

It quickens now, the seasons shifting ever faster. An explosion of color beckons; vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red. Flowing as a wave out of the high-country, a startling moment in time, brilliant in its brevity.

A cold wind blows, ushering in that which comes next. Nature’s most vivid tapestry whirls away, left to crunch under foot. Branches laid bare, the forest shivers as snowflakes fall from the sky.

Hello, winter, my old friend.